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Infrastructure SOLUTIONS

ENS-Inc offers extensive experience and expertise in a wide range of infrastructure technology solutions including the design, development, implementation, and documentation of your LAN/WAN and wireless networks, server and storage systems, desktop virtualization, and related migrations and mobility solutions.

Servers and Virtualization


Put the power of virtualization to work for you today.

Virtualization dramatically improves the portability and availability of applications and increases the efficiency of the resources in your organization. Instead of the old "one server, one application" model, virtualization lets you run multiple applications virtually on a single physical machine, efficiently utilizing the resources of the single computer for multiple applications.

Virtualizing your IT infrastructure lets you reduce IT costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization, and flexibility of your existing assets.

Server Consolidation

ENS-Inc analyzes your current IT infrastructure, utilizes industry best practices, gathers and integrates your business objectives, and then plans and implements your strategic server consolidation. Through a physical consolidation, remote/branch office and business unit servers are moved into a centralized data center where a single physical server is configured to host multiple virtual machine (VM) instances. This consolidation improves management and strengthens business resilience. Through virtualization, workloads are optimized allowing organizations to intelligently manage server resource allocation based on workload demands. Server Consolidation services include:

  • Analysis and Strategy
  • Architecture and Validation
  • Design and Implementation

ENS-Inc engineers are experienced, trained, and certified in the latest virtualization technologies. ENS-Inc develops and deploys your virtualization solution and provides the training and knowledge transfer to ensure your success.

High Speed Fiber Optic Connectivity

Cloud has taken center stage in this race toward reinvention and not just for improved cost, productivity and scalability. As more critical workloads are shifted to the cloud, demand for private Interconnection between enterprises and cloud and IT providers is also on the rise. ENS-Inc’s Next Generation Optical Cloud Interconnect is your low latency, secure, flexible on-ramp to the public or hybrid cloud. Built with industry standard Optical Transport Networking standards, this service lets you simply and easily extend your organization’s data center network to your cloud resources seamlessly with the assurance of dedicated, always on, reliable connections.


A foundational cloud service in the California Department of Technologies (CDT) Cloud First solutions strategy is Storage as a Service (STaaS).

Hosted in the secure CDT Data Center, ENS-Inc provides STaaS, a subscription pay-per-use cloud storage solution delivering cost-effective “anytime-anywhere” access to your data. ENS-Inc’s flexible STaaS solutions ensure security and high-availability of both mission-critical applications and data archiving or long-term backup.

Located in Rancho Cordova and Vacaville, the infrastructure connects to Tenant Managed Services, CalCloud IaaS, and CDT Managed Services. In addition, the service is offered through the State’s Wide Area Network (WAN) using Internet Protocol (IP) to any customer departments or local units of governments with server environments located remotely.


Prevention-First Integrated Security Platform

We believe the prevention of successful cyber attacks is not only possible, but necessary today. By adopting a prevention-first architecture with ENS-Inc and Palo Alto Networks® Next Generation Security Platform, you can ensure safety for your organization’s critical operations. Build from the ground up to leverage global threat intelligence and automate the protection updates across your network, cloud and endpoints. This creates a security position that updates in near-real time to counter attacks, reduce volume, and support advanced threat hunting tactics.


ENS-Inc Engineers have proven years of experience designing and building reliable campus and enterprise LAN/WAN and wireless networks. Our senior engineering staff ensures the proper configuration, installation, and documentation of your network infrastructure. From routers and switches to management, security, and mobility, ENS-Inc builds the foundation of your network infrastructure to support the technologies necessary to move your business forward.

LAN/WAN Wireless Networks

ENS-Inc Network Architects and Engineers provide expert-level services to ensure the stability and integrity of voice, data, and wireless network services by planning, designing, developing, and maintaining local area network (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) across the organization.

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