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Professional Services

ENS-Inc approaches information technology projects using Best Practices and standard methodologies for coordinating, executing, and managing software and systems engineering projects. Through innovative technology solutions and solid project management, we effectively manage the execution of projects to satisfy our customer’s business requirements.

Microsoft Azure Platform

Our experienced consultants can help your organization better understand the service offerings that Microsoft Azure provides as well as provide expert guidance, implementation services, and migration services to move your workloads into Microsoft Azure.

Email Migration

ENS-Inc Consultants work with customers to plan, design, and implement email migrations ranging from simple to very complex. Consultants help customers migrate from both on-premises email systems and cloud-based email systems to other on-premises or cloud-based solution, including email systems such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Novell GroupWise.

Networking Modernization

New networking solutions like Next Generation Firewalls and Software Defined Networking allows organizations to modernize their networking infrastructure, making their networking environments easier to manage and more secure. ENS-Inc certified consultants can help our customers plan for, design, implement, configure, and migrate to these new solutions.

Microsoft Office 365 Platform

ENS-Inc consultants can help implement, configure, and migrate to Office 365. By using features in Office 365 such as Outlook, OneDrive, Skype for Business, and Teams, organizations can move to a cloud-based solution that is easier to maintain and provides instant collaboration features.

Optical Fabric Services

As the demand for data services continues to explode, the need exists for businesses to utilize high-speed, low latency services to interconnect their physically disparate infrastructure and cloud providers. ENS-Inc consultants are available to design, build, and manage your fiber optic connectivity.


Overtime as an organization evolves, its infrastructure can become less secure, harder to manage and less efficient. ENS-Inc consultants can conduct assessments of a customer’s environment and provide recommendations for restoring best practices to restore the security, manageability, and efficiency of the infrastructure.

Infrastructure & Technical Solutions Architecture

There are numerous occasions when a customer may be required to implement a solution they are unfamiliar with or uncomfortable architecting and implementing on their own. In those situations, ENS-Inc certified consultants can help customers architect the correct solution that achieves their goals while providing support and guidance.

VMware Virtualization Services

VMware virtualization technologies integrate into many different aspects of a customer’s data centers and infrastructure, including compute virtualization with vSphere, end user compute with Horizon, network virtualization and security with NSX, automation with vRealize Automation, and management with vRealize Operations. ENS-Inc certified consultants can work with our customers to architect, plan, migrate, and implement these technologies.

Data Center Security

ENS-Inc security consultants can provide strategy, architecture, design and implementation of all areas of security for your Data Center. They will approach your security and compliance from a build from the ground up model, to leverage global threat intelligence and automate the protection updates across your network, cloud and endpoints—ensuring comprehensive security and compliance for your Data Center.

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