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Training Services

ENS-Inc has created a state of the art training facility and provides regular training delivered by ENS-Inc or industry-leading manufacturer certified instructors. We can develop custom training for all enterprise solutions that ENS-Inc has implemented for our customers and then provide the onsite training and knowledge transfer to empower your success.

ENS-Inc Training Services

The rapid pace of technology transformation, the continuous demands associated with the adoption of emerging technologies, cloud initiatives, increased security, and staff turnover, all make the need to keep staff trained and skilled is more critical than ever. Recent surveys indicate that 70% of employees report that they do not have the skills or knowledge to use this technology and effectively do their jobs. ENS-Inc has created a state of the art training facility where we provide regular training delivered by ENS-Inc or industry leading manufacturer certified instructors.

Custom Training

Hands-On Workshops

Classroom Style

Certified Specialists

Our certification center offers classes on the following software subjects:


ENS-Inc offers an expansive portfolio of training offerings across IT, HR, Customer Service, and other departments that cover the ServiceNow® platform.


Here at ENS-Inc, we can help you build your skills with training on the latest VMware releases delivered by VMware Certified Instructors (VCIs).

Palo Alto Networks

Authorized Palo Alto Networks training from ENS-Inc offer courses that feature lecture and hands-on labs.


At ENS-Inc our Microsoft training builds necessary skills for each role essential to a successful deployment; including IT, help desk, and end user.

Enterprise Storage

At ENS-Inc, we have a portfolio of expert enterprise data storage courses will enable you to build your skills, gain certification, and enhance your career.

Enterprise Security

Our certified instructors at ENS-Inc can teach you enterprise security, build your skills and protect your data.

Audit and Compliance

Our team at ENS-Inc will help you manage the challenges of regulatory changes and internal cost controls.

Cloud Architecture

ENS-Inc will ensure that you and your team of solutions architects are making the best informed decisions to build a cloud architecture.

Optimizing Optical Fiber

We have focused our efforts at ENS-Inc on building an optical fabric solution that addresses the rapid growth of Applications, Cloud (Private and Public), and Storage Area Network services.

Regional Cloud Architectures and Strategies

ENS-Inc offers courses that focus on cloud security fundamentals and covers the critical concepts of cloud policy and governance for security professionals. The courses will also focus on technical security principles and controls for all major cloud types.

ENS-Inc Training Classroom

Available for your training sessions or work with our certified instructors.

Our classroom may be rented on a half-day, daily, or weekly basis and includes the following:

  • Seating for 24 at spacious tables with computer hook-ups
  • High-speed internet and WiFi access
  • Ceiling-mounted InFocus projector
  • The latest in technology including a magnetic, dry-erase projection screen
  • Large white wipe/erase boards
  • Large reception area with service space and counters for materials and/or food
  • Spacious restrooms
  • Free parking
  • Kitchen availability with refrigerator and microwave
  • Catering available if requested and/or nearby restaurant with group capacity

For more information about our classroom facility or about our certified instructors, please contact us at: To find out more about how ENS-Inc can help your business, contact us here.

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